KA BIRD lives and works in the North East UK.
She uses found images and a generative algorithm to create digital forms, which she then manipulates in computer programs and video synthesizers.  Her work exists in a variety of assertions including vinyl decal print wall installations, MP4, insta-collage, projection and VHS tape, allowing the art to move between the material and the intangible, thereby investigating the potential for multiple and simultaneous instantiations of a piece of work.  By utilising technology she makes abstract visual complications.
The conceptual influence has been informed by post-representational politics, which argues that the production of images can only amount to post-producing what is already available and taking them to a point of abstraction.  Subsequently her practice is based around remixing the artefacts of the given environment, which has become increasingly virtual and digitised, with the aim of not only offering a critical vision of this world through art-making, but to harness its processes and strategies.
Inspired by the contemporary moment, her work is informed by internet culture,
utilising post-production and dissemination as art practice.  She explores representations of the self and the cultivation of the individual through digital media.